Friday, January 23, 2015

Doctor Who comics preview

Titan Comics have revealed some details and artwork from their forthcoming Doctor Who titles. Check them out below and click on the images for bigger versions.

Writer: Robbie Morrison
On sale: April 29
The thrilling finale of The Fractures is here – and it will get under your skin!

Bursting from a twisted parallel universe and clawing their way through the void, the Fractures are here, and nothing could prepare the Doctor for their insidious assault on reality!

The Doctor, Clara and UNIT must battle the Fractures, as they slip through the cracks in our world to wear the skin – and bodies – of innocent people, puppeteering them from the inside!

When the war spills out of quiet suburbia and threatens the world, it will take a father and daughter – separated by whole universes – to bring the conflict to an end!

Comes with two covers to collect!

Writer: Rob Williams
On sale: May 13
A thrilling TARDIS chase through the atmosphere – after no ordinary comet! Tracking the Entity’s signal from the Berlin Wall in 1976 to Rome, 312AD, the Doctor, Alice, Jones and ARC stumble into an ancient mystery that will forever change the course of human history! And the burden and dangers of a life aboard the TARDIS start to hit home for Jones – is this his farewell tour?

Rob Williams (Ordinary) and Warren Pleece blast into a brand-new story arc! Don’t miss the shocking reveal of what’s inside the comet!

Comes with two covers to collect!

Writer: Nick Abadzis
On sale: June 10
Eisner award-winning writer Nick Abadzis (Laika) and fan-favorite Elena Casagrande (Suicide Risk) race the Tenth Doctor and Gabby towards the conclusion of Year One!

A terrifying pyramid has appeared in the skies above New York City, and it’s here to claim an ancient secret – buried in the body of a very-much alive movie star!

As the Doctor attempts to unravel the conflict, Gabby and Cindy’s friendship is stretched to breaking point. Has Gabby changed too much in her short time away – or has she changed just enough to save the day?!

Comes with two covers to collect!

Writer: Cavan Scott
On sale: August 4
Don’t miss the second thrilling installment of Weapons Of Past Destruction – an all-new miniseries adventure featuring the Ninth Doctor – as played by Christopher Eccleston – along with companions Rose and Jack!

Get dragged into the Time Vortex as the Doctor and his friends uncover time-lost Gallifreyan super-weapons being sold on the black market!

Who are the cosmically-empowered Lect and Unon – and can the Doctor help stop an all-new Time War before it starts?!

Comes with three covers to collect!

Writer: Robbie Morrison

On sale: 06/10/2015

The second collection of the sell-out smash new Tenth Doctor series, from award-winning writer Robbie Morrison (Spider-Man, Drowntown, Nikolai Dante) and Daniel Indro (Sherlock Holmes, Green Hornet), sends the Doctor and new companion Gabriella Gonzalez hurtling back into the past – and into the trenches of World War One!

Bombed by the German artillery, arrested as spies by the British, Gabby and the Doctor soon learn that there’s something even worse moving in the gas and wreathes of smoke out in No Man’s Land… stone statues who move only when you’re not looking at them! The Weeping Angels have come to feed on the futures of young soldiers -- in their hundreds of thousands!

It’s an unmissable historical epic!

Collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #6-10

Writers: Al Ewing, Rob Williams
On sale: June 10

The second time-twisting collection of the sell-out smash Eleventh Doctor series from writers Al Ewing (Loki: Agent of Asgard) and Rob Williams (Ordinary), with art from the triple threat of Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante), Boo Cook (Elephantmen) and Warren Pleece (Hellblazer, Incognegro)

A threat in reverse as time inside the TARDIS flows backwards! An ancient alien war for supremacy in the sky comes to near-future London! And the machinations of SERVEYOUinc revealed, when the Doctor hits them where it hurts – their wallets!

Three companions – three times the danger, three times the excitement! Experience every twist and secret reveal in the thrilling second act of The Eleventh Doctor’s first year in comics!

Collects Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #6-10

Thanks to Titan Comics

COMPETITION! Win Tickets to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular is a musical celebration of the iconic BBC series, featuring Murray Gold’s captivating music accompanied by specially edited video sequences of the Doctors in action, on the big screen.

The show features a host of the Doctor’s famous adversaries including the Daleks and Cybermen, the spine-chilling Silence and many more fan favourites. The live monsters provide a dramatic contrast to the evocative and thrilling music written by Murray Gold, who has been responsible for composing music for the series since 2005, including the record-breaking (and BAFTA award-winning) 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor.

Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison has been confirmed as the host of a six-city UK tour of the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in May 2015.

The live show, which was a sell-out on its world premiere in Australia, will enjoy a limited run of thirteen UK performances in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow. It features over 100 performers and is conducted by Ben Foster, who conducts and orchestrates the musical scores for the TV series. Music will be performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and members of the BBC National Chorus of Wales.

The live music will be accompanied by a big screen presentation of key moments and specially edited sequences from the past 50 years of Doctor Who.


For a chance of winning two tickets to Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, answer the following question correctly:

What is the name of the actress currently playing the Twelfth Doctor’s assistant in the popular BBC TV series?
A) Billie Piper
B) Catherine Tate
C) Jenna Coleman
D) Karen Gillan

Competition closes on Feb 23

Terms and conditions: Winners will be selected at random from all correct entries. Winner receives a pair of tickets to see Doctor Who Spymphonic Spectacular at their chosen venue and date. Full dates and times are to be found at Seat band may vary per venue and the winner is unable to choose their seats. Tickets to be collected at the box office with no cash alternative. Tickets are subject to availability and cannot be resold or transferred to another performance. Competition is run by boom ents on behalf of vision nine entertainment.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christopher Eccleston in Fortitude

Starting on Sky Atlantic next week the UK is brand new drama called Fortitude. This 11-part drama stars former Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston, along with a whole range of familiar names in the world of Who. Check out the details below and click on the images for bigger versions.

Christopher Eccleston (plays Charlie Stoddart)
An eminent scientist, Professor Stoddart is head of the Arctic Research Centre based in Fortitude. In charge of the environmental impact assessment for Governor Odegard’s glacier hotel development, the potentially lucrative project that could save the town from ruin hinges on his findings. When local children make an unexpected discovery on the island, the respected professor is catapulted into the centre of the most significant event in Fortitude’s history.

Also starring in Fortitude are: Michael Gambon (pictured above, middle), who starred in the Doctor Who story A Christmas Carol; Jessica Raine (above, right), Hide, An Adventure in Space & Time; Chipo Chung (below, left), Utopia, Turn Left; Alexandra Moen (below, middle), The Sound of Drums, The Last of the Time Lords, The End of Time Part One; and Michael Obiora (below, right), Blink.

Fortitude, Ep 1 airs Thurs Jan 29 at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

Thanks to Sky Atlantic. All images copyright Sky Atlantic.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

David Tennant wins at the NTAs

Actor David Tennant, The Tenth Doctor, was awarded with a "Special Recognition" award at tonight's National Television Awards in London. Before his acceptance speech, a tribute video featuring Richard Wilson (The Empty Child), Catherine Tate (Donna Noble), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Russell T Davies (former Doctor Who show runner), Olivia Colman (The Eleventh Hour), Stephen Fry and David's dad was played. Watch the video and his acceptance speech in the player below.

Sadly, Doctor Who did not win any awards at the ceremony.

New director announced for S9

A director from Doctor Who Series 3 is to return for at least one episode on this year's Series 9. Returning behind the camera is Hettie Macdonald, who helmed the Steven Moffat episode Blink (2007). Macdonald has just finished work on the Sky Atlantic series Fortitude, which stars former Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston (and Blink star Michael Obiora).

No further details are known as this moment but it is thought she's involved in Block Two of filming on Series 9 which may involve some overseas filming in SpainPeter Bennett will be producing (who has produced a number of eps on the show since 2010).

As previously announced, Daniel O’Hara is directing on the first block which contains the two-part story from Toby Whithouse, which make up Eps 3 and 4. For more details on Doctor Who Series 9, click HERE.

New Tenth Doctor comic

Titan Comics have released details and artwork from their new Doctor Who title, The Tenth Doctor #7. Click on the pics for bigger versions and check out the details below.

STORY BY​: ​Robbie Morrison
RELEASE DATE​: ​Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Trapped in a field hospital in No Man's Land, the Doctor and Gabby are surrounded on all sides by a force of starving Weeping Angels. Their only allies - a handful of experienced soldiers, the friendly-but-exhausted Corporal Jamie Hamilton, and beds full of the walking wounded. 

As the siege stretches on and watchful eyes grow weary – who will be the first to blink?!

Comes with two covers to collect!​

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The Exxilons
by Nicholas Briggs

Starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

Out Now

Planet E9874 supports a developing civilisation known as the Tarl. The peaceful, technologically advanced Locoyuns are helping the Tarl develop rudimentary technology. When the Doctor, Leela and K9 arrive, they find the balance in the relationship between the two cultures reaching an unexpected crisis point.

This story makes a great prequel to writer Nick Briggs favourite classic story Death To The Daleks. Briggs expertly plays with the listeners and fans expectations whilst simultaneously creating a well paced and exciting adventure. The story cleverly adds to the mythology of the city of the Exxilons and it is clear that the writer has extensively “researched” his prequel.

The cast here couldn’t be stronger, Baker’s Doctor is written and performed beautifully. Briggs has really tapped in to a quality that fits right in to a classic Who style. It’s wonderful having Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and John Leeson together as the Doctor, Leela and K9 respectively, this is the first time this trio has ever been reunited for audio. The supporting guest cast are also great, particularly Hugh Ross (who listeners will recognise as the voice of Sir Toby Kinsella in spin off audio series Counter Measures) as Gethal and Jon Pertwee voice impressionist and Big Finish regular Tim Treloar as Ergu.

If you’re a fan of Death to the Daleks this story comes highly recommended - it adds a wonderfully satisfactory extra layer to the little known about the City of the Exxilons. Perhaps a follow-up could uncover even more about this fascinating race.

Thanks to Big Finish

Monday, January 19, 2015

TARDIS shoes!

TeeFury have moved into the world of "shoes" with new company ShoeFury! And just check out the two wonderful Doctor Who shoes available now. One is a "high top" and the other is a "normal" shoe, both featuring the TARDIS. Click on the pics for more info.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

RTD "would" write Doctor Who movie

In an interview with Graham Norton, broadcast yesterday on BBC Radio 2, Russell T Davies talked about a Doctor Who movie. The former show runner said it would  be "glorious" to have a movie and when asked if he was interested in writing it he replied he would - listen to his response in the player above.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Doctor Who guest star up for an OSCAR

Actress Felicity Jones, who was a guest star in The Unicorn and the Wasp, has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. Jones, whose performance in The Theory of Everything (which includes Doctor Who references) earned her the nod, played Robina Redmond (aka Cockney thief Ada Mullins, the Unicorn) in the 2008 episode which starred David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

Read Blogtor's review of The Unicorn and the Wasp HERE.